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Areas of Practice

Real Estate

The Attorneys of The Smith Firm also have experience in representing clients where their interests in real estate force them into the court room. Whether you are seeking to establish a legal right of access to your property, seeking to force a co-owner of your property to sell, or attempting to aggressively protect any other property right that you may have, The Smith Firm stands ready to be your voice in the judicial system.

Do you live in a homeowners, condo owners, or townhome community? If so, then odds are that at least one of your fellow community members is taking unfair advantage of you by failing to pay their assessments while you fund the repair and maintenance of the community's common property. With experience representing a high number of associations, both big and small, The Smith Firm can help your community collect the money that it is owed. Additionally, you may have questions, as a community, on whether or not your governing documents are up to speed with new laws; we can certainly put our experience in this area to work for you and ensure that your community is operating as it should be.