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Areas of Practice

Real Estate

The Attorneys of The Smith Firm also have experience in representing clients where their interests in real estate force them into the court room. Whether you are seeking to establish a legal right of access to your property, seeking to force a co-owner of your property to sell, or att [read more]

Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

With skyrocketing insurance premiums, high deductibles, and lost wages one can become emotionally and financially overwhelmed as a result of an accident. At The Smith Firm, we have an exceptional staff of attorneys and paralegals that can help you cut through all the red tape with th [read more]

Criminal Law

No matter what the crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or felony, The Smith Firm has the experience to provide exceptional representation to protect your rights throughout the criminal process. Make sure to request representation early so we can guide you in every step; the arrest, in [read more]

Family Law (Custody, Divorce, Adoption, Marriage Planning)

When it comes to division of property, 401k, pensions, and other marital assets during a divorce, don't be bullied into taking less than you deserve! We can work with you to assess your rights and to determine how to best move forward.
Furthermore, separation can become a stressf [read more]

Civil Litigation/Debt Collection

Our staff is prepared to sit down and devise a strategy for litigation, whether you are a small business owner, an employee, the CEO, or just have a small claim against your neighbor. We here at The Smith Firm pride ourselves on our service and dedication to the client. Find out how [read more]

Business Transactions/Formation of Business Entities

We also provide business transaction services dealing with contracts, bills of sale, and other business interactions. No job is too big or too small - we can help your business create contracts for its customers, sales agreements for the purchase of supplies and materials, and leases [read more]

Traffic Violations

Being able to have a clean driving record not only helps with your insurance premiums, but can have an effect on your employer granting you the right to drive a company vehicle. Don't be satisfied with a voluntary assessment when you know you are right because a violation is more tha [read more]


With legal representation at The Smith Firm, we can walk you through the process and create a trial strategy. The DUI laws are ever changing, so it is wise to have legal representation that is current on all the laws and the legal rights that you have. With our competitive fees, we [read more]

Landlord/Tenant Issues

Here at The Smith Firm, we strive to settle and mediate landlord/tenant disputes amicably without the need for litigation. However, that is not always possible. We have extensive experience representing both the landlord and the tenant in these types of actions and disputes.

Pardons & Expungements

Why should a college prank cost you thousands in earning potential and your dream job? Here at The Smith Firm, we work hard to walk you through the lengthy process of being granted a Pardon and will represent you at the Pardon hearing. With Expungements, you can have your previous a [read more]