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Areas of Practice

Family Law (Custody, Divorce, Adoption, Marriage Planning)

When it comes to division of property, 401k, pensions, and other marital assets during a divorce, don't be bullied into taking less than you deserve! We can work with you to assess your rights and to determine how to best move forward.

Furthermore, separation can become a stressful situation when children are involved. We pride ourselves on striving for a peaceful resolution to custody and support between the two parents. However, if there can't be a compromise, The Smith Firm is ready to represent your interest and constitutional right to be a parent.

Lastly, we help assist mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and other family members in the guardianship and adoption process. Every child deserves to be loved and in a supportive environment - The Smith Firm will do everything in its power to aid you in that goal.